welcome to my strawpage i have general info about me here..i like to play and draw. heres my kinlist
sorry opera users this looks kinda funny

pt - w2i
disc - ping or dm (friends)

dni - people from the past (especially nico/mika), -18 limit interaction. other than that i block/hide freely.

byi - i have bpd + other issues and it can be explosive if you push my limits. i take responsibility for my actions but if you cant handle that please dni.

boundaries - dont follow/friend request or vent without permission. 

interests - honkai impact 3rd, guns girl z, dsmp, qsmp, signalis, eddsworld, genshin impact, identity v, my little pony, psychology.

comfort characters - raiden mei, raiden ei, c!tubbo, c!wilbur (cc!w can explode) q!roier fu hua, fiona gilman.


dni + interests

20 they/any ; enfp